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Theatre Aurora presents The Drowsy Chaperone

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I had the privilege of photographing another one of Theatre Aurora’s fabulous productions. This one was “The Drowsy Chaperone,” which has been advertised as a musical within a comedy. Basically, it follows a recluse known only as “Man in Chair” as he takes the audience through an old record of his favourite (fictional) Broadway Show, “The Drowsy Chaperone.” As he does, the music and characters come to life in his apartment, and he provides poignant and hilarious commentary on the 1920s and musicals in general as the audience is entertained and uplifted.

I always enjoy shooting at Theatre Aurora, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store next! At the time of this blog post, the play opens TOMORROW! (Get your tickets!)

The Toronto Zoo Again (this time with a new lens and lens hood)

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Those who know me know that I love visiting the zoo. I have a family membership, and I try to go once or twice a month. The Toronto Zoo is such a large zoo that you can’t see it all in one day.

Every time I visit, I try to spend some time with a different exhibit. You can run through the entire zoo to try and see everything, or you can really stop and observe a small number of animals in greater detail. The latter is what I prefer. If you like taking animal photos, you’ll want to park yourself near your favourite animal and wait. They will most likely NOT be doing anything remotely photo-worthy, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be doing so later. So, grab a coffee, sit and wait, and eventually you’ll get something great. Even if you have to come back another day (that’s why a membership helps).

The “Ultimate Lens Hood”

The “Ultimate Lens Hood”

I recently got the Fujinon 90mm f/2 and I decided to try out the Ultimate Lens Hood which I kickstarted earlier this year. This allows you to put a big rubber suction thing up against the glass to cut out the reflection. It’s handy, if you can handle walking around a zoo looking like you have some strange camera megaphone.

The following photos were all shot through glass with the hood blocking the annoying glare. Enjoy, and we’ll catch you next time!

Theatre Aurora presents two plays by Daniel MacIvor

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I had the privilege to photograph at Theatre Aurora once again. This time, it was for a double bill. They are presenting two plays by Daniel MacIvor, Never Swim Alone and This is a Play.

A funny, satirical story, Never Swim Alone is about Frank and Bill, two egotistical men locked in a ruthless competition of one-upmanship for seemingly no reason. A hilarious metaplay, This Is A Play follows three actors who, while performing, reveal their own thoughts and motivations as they struggle through crazy stage directions and an unoriginal musical score.

Directed by Jason Silzer, the entire double bill was very tight and thoroughly enjoyable, even in an early dress rehearsal. The actors were very committed, delivering very convincing performances, and I know they will be even more fantastic once the show opens on October 25. It runs for two weekends, so don’t miss it!

What's new at Foreshots Photography?

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New studio!

First bit of news, we have a new home studio in Whitby. We’re very excited as this permanent setup allows us to be able to have much more creative shoots going forward. While we still will continue to do headshots outdoors, this allows us another option especially during the winter months. It also can add that extra level of professional polish as an option for an alternative look in your headshot package. Or, even if you don’t need headshots, but you just enjoy having fun in front of a camera, we can set up a custom shoot for any purpose. Maybe as a gift to a family member? Or just an album for social media? Either way, we’re happy to help!

See some studio examples below. We’ve already had some great sessions!

Headshot Giveaway for Subscribers

Those of you who have already signed up for the newsletter know that we’re having a contest which closes on October 31st at noon. Subscribers are entered in a draw for a FREE HEADSHOT SESSION. As well, we will also be drawing five names for 50% off a headshot session. Each winner will also be able to give a referral discount to up to five of their friends. Draw to take place October 31st at Noon. So stay tuned to our newsletter and social media feeds (Instagram/Facebook: foreshotsphotography – Twitter: foreshotsphoto) to see if you’re the lucky winner!

Studio Headshot Blitz - $50!!!

While we’re on the topic of headshots, now is the perfect time to get a brand new shot, especially if you just want something quick and easy, yet still pack a punch. Foreshots Photography is doing a headshot blitz, which involves a 20 minute session in the studio, and one final high resolution image that will be yours in jpeg format to submit to auditions or to use online for a LinkedIn/Facebook profile picture (minimum 48 hours after the session). The best part: it’s only $50! And if you like other images from the session, you can purchase them at $10 each.


This one I’m especially proud of: We are now selling prints!  Some of my favourite shots of landscapes, travel, animals, urban scenery, are available for custom fine art prints on lustre/metallic paper, canvases in all sorts of sizes, and metal wall mounts. Check out the collection at and see if there’s anything that you’d like to spruce up your place with. I have three photos of Scotland, one of Ireland, one of the solar eclipse from last year, and my favourite Dublin Zoo orangutan already hanging in my basement.

Audition Self-Tape Service


Finally, we are also offering an audition self-tape service. Since we have a continuous lighting setup along with our usual strobe system, and several different backdrops to choose from (including a NEW GREEN SCREEN), you can submit your auditions from anywhere in the world. We are offering a half an hour in the studio (with a sound system for backing tracks), and very basic video editing for $45.  If you want anything more advanced (like replacing a green screen with fancy clouds or something), there will be an additional fee. Also, if you want someone reading the scene with you, this can also be arranged.

That’s all for now! Thanks for visiting, and I hope to hear from you soon!