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Theatre Aurora presents two plays by Daniel MacIvor

Michael YaneffComment

I had the privilege to photograph at Theatre Aurora once again. This time, it was for a double bill. They are presenting two plays by Daniel MacIvor, Never Swim Alone and This is a Play.

A funny, satirical story, Never Swim Alone is about Frank and Bill, two egotistical men locked in a ruthless competition of one-upmanship for seemingly no reason. A hilarious metaplay, This Is A Play follows three actors who, while performing, reveal their own thoughts and motivations as they struggle through crazy stage directions and an unoriginal musical score.

Directed by Jason Silzer, the entire double bill was very tight and thoroughly enjoyable, even in an early dress rehearsal. The actors were very committed, delivering very convincing performances, and I know they will be even more fantastic once the show opens on October 25. It runs for two weekends, so don’t miss it!